“The Founder” – the true story of the corporation that changed the American food industry.

Joelle Jackson

In “The Founder,” Michael Keaton is Ray Croc, a washed-up milkshake salesman who encounters Richard (“Dick”) and Maurice (“Mac”) McDonald while on an unsuccessful business trip. When Croc realizes that the McDonald brothers are running the most successful fast food restaurant in the country in San Bernardino, CA, he convinces them to go into business with him as their franchise manager. In this position, Croc opened many McDonald’s restaurants across the Midwest and eventually turned the stores into what is now known as The McDonald Corporation. By cheating the McDonald brothers out of their business and preventing them to use their own name for any future businesses, Ray Croc was instrumental in creating what we now know as the fast food restaurant.

Keaton portrays Croc as what he was – a shrewd businessman who was tired of failing, persistent, and willing to win at any cost. The supporting cast was good but make no mistake – this is Keaton’s stage and he commands it with authority. Whether you are interested in the history of the American fast food industry or just want to be entertained, it is worth a viewing. Many people do not know the history of The McDonald’s Corporation and this film shines a light on an important part of American culture.

Verdict: B+

Reviewed by Joelle Jackson.

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