Are you where you should be financially?

I’m sure I speak for many when I say we all could use a little help in determining where we stand with our personal finances at different stages of our lives.  As a man in my mid-fifties, I seriously need to know my financial footing as I head down the home stretch towards my golden years. The following articles by‘s  Richard Barrington, CFA and Senior Financial Analyst, provides a checklist which may help.

Personal finance checklist at age 50

Are you in your forties and think you’re on course to financial freedom? Review the following checklist to find out.

Personal finance checklist for age 40

In your thirties and not sure where you should be?  Barrington has you covered as well.

Turning 30? See this personal finance checklist

Finally, it’s ok if you’re not on track as the case with most people but worry not as it’s never to late to get started.

Don is a project manager for a Detroit area auto manufacturer who enjoys spirited discussions on current events.  You can follow Don on Twitter @donlang21 and LinkedIn at


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