Creating a Nu World Order: Part I

The most difficult part in developing a plan for a Nu World Order was where to begin.  According to Wikipedia the African diaspora is made up of over one hundred and forty million descendants outside of the continent of Africa.  The following chart shows the largest African diaspora populations.


Couple these numbers with over a billion Africans living in the motherland and we are speaking of a sizable chunk of the world’s population that could wield incredible power.

Finding that sweet spot to start a conversation with groups of people who are not monolithic will prove difficult.  Obviously, the purpose of most any undertaking is to determine goals and develop a plan to attain them.  That won’t be easy.  With that in mind, the thought process was to start with the individual and work our way out across this diaspora.  Start working on ourselves, then move out to our families, communities, nationally, and finally, tying everything together internationally.

Bullseye Target

The areas where we may want to concentrate working on our individual selves are our health (both physical and mental), our spirituality (whatever that may mean to you), education, financial literacy, family history, and why it’s important to travel.  These areas can, and most certainly will be broken down further as we explore them.  As we move outward to the other segments, family, community, etc. the hope is to see common threads and perhaps plans of action in how to improve and tie each of those segments together.  The hope is for you to add to the conversation with your thoughts, expertise and experiences, helping to flesh out this plan.  It is strongly encouraged that you share this ongoing column with family and friends to expand the conversation.  We’ll be looking to expand this dialogue across the diaspora.  We’ll also be adding the voice of various experts within some of those segments as well.  Let’s make sure that we all respect each other’s opinion.  If you feel this conversation isn’t for you then bless you, step aside, and let the conversation continue.  Please reply below to help get the conversation started and follow this blog to be alerted with each new discussion.

First, you…the individual.

What can “I” do to help myself so “I” can help the movement?

Let’s begin.

Don is an IT project manager for a Detroit area auto manufacturer who enjoys spirited discussions on current events.  You can follow Don on Twitter @donlang21 and Facebook – Facebook.


  1. As I learn I share. Once of the things I learned is it is powerful to share nutritional knowledge with my family and community. For the last two years I have pretty much removed pork and beef from my diet. I limit pasta, rice and potatoes to maybe three or two times a month. I’ve increased sesonal fruits and vegtables. But my biggest effort is to share my change with my family and support them in healthy change. It is an on going process. It sometimes is not easy. But the commitment is there and it is a lifestyle change for me. I am a work in progress.

    Recently, I had a family reunion where I did all of the cooking. I knew my family would not go for a complete change. But I did take to opportunity to introduce two new salads. Playing on raw and fresh. They loved it! And the heavy deserts I made, I used alternative ingredients and they were none the wiser. I only told them about the change days later after they devoured the cakes and pie. LOL, they never even tasted the difference.

    Changinge our community one day at a time.

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  2. As large as the population of the African Diaspora is on paper, one widespread issue that has come from the long-lived stereotypes of our people has become “our story” to us, as well as the rest of the world’s population.
    Step 1 is definitely starting with self and identifying which of those stereotypes about self and others that resemble self have seeped into our subconscious thoughts, causing us to negate our own value and power. Once we identify the lies we believe, we can then replace them with the truth, through research and Spiritual “intunement” (tuning in to Spirit or Energy in its highest form that will allow us to Know what we have not been taught).
    Step 2 is bringing that revelational knowledge to others in a manner in which they can receive it and begin to do the same work, starting with our children and their parents. This is the most daunting task of all, because our lack of self worth has been ongoing for centuries, even though there is evidence that we have the ability to create our own highly functioning cities/towns with minimal resources (which technically has been hidden from us in “his”story.
    Step 3 is coming to the realization and preparation for the fight for our own space and respect with the rest of the world, requiring UNIFICATION and development of trust within our communities that will be unprecedented. There would be violence, but all must be strategic, and we mustn’t shirk back. The truth of the matter is this world cannot exist without us, so it wouldn’t be very long before that reality begins to ring true in the ears of those who would stand in our way.
    Step 4 is finally living to our fullest potential as we discontinue the participation in the mechanisms that work against us today and for the past several centuries. The continuation of that Unification is a Must.

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  3. Identify strengths and weaknesses and work on building weaknesses and maintaining strengths. It all begins with self analysis.


      1. My strengths are many the best being task oriented, educator that is always teaching, focused, Christian,organized,caring, and being born a black woman🙂

        My weakness is trusting others. I sometimes sit on the side line and watch.

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      2. Your strengths are wonderful and your weakness of trusting others…not sure I’d consider that weak at all. Hopefully you’ll get off the sideline and continue to lend your voice to this movement. Thanks Diane.


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