Is it time for a Real Crime Summit?

Metro and State | Detroit cops: All 7 homicides from bloody August weekend solved | The Detroit News:

Is it time for a Real Crime Summit?
I think that it’s time for a Crime Summit in the city of Detroit. I know some of you are thinking “Didn’t we already have one of those?” Well, we always do at some level but I’m talking about a real crime summit, not one given by local government officials to appease the public, or by some social activists looking to make a name for themselves by grabbing the public spotlight. I’m talking about a crime summit that includes various police agencies from around the world, innovative and progressive thinkers from the surrounding communities, school officials, the religious and business communities, the media, and yes….former criminals themselves. We need some fresh, out of the box thinking on this issue people. If we keep doing the same things we’ve been doing then we can’t be surprised if we keep getting the same results. We simply can’t leave it to the local police agencies alone to handle this. The problem needs to be addressed long before they become involved. With today’s economy and a failing educational system that’s currently in place we will continue to lose ground in the race against crime. Throwing money at the problem won’t fix it either. What’s the solution? Unfortunately, no one has all of the answers but if you put a bunch of the brightest people in a room to at least begin the discussion then perhaps some great ideas (and an initial plan?) may come of it. After all, we have to start some where because what we’re doing is obviously not working.
Your thoughts?

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